Friday, June 19, 2009

House hunting in the RAIN???

I got home today and it was pouring rain. As I was driving down my road, I noticed something strange. The car in the photo above (YGF-XXXX) was stopped in front of my house and as I pulled around them to get in my driveway, I saw that the guy in the driver's seat was taking pictures of my house. The woman that was with him (with very noticeable 'buck teeth') gave me the dirtiest look. Do I know them? Not at all. Is my house for sale? Absolutely not. The two houses down the street are for sale (and have been for 2 years), but they were taking pictures of MY house. As I live on a dead end road, they had to continue up the road and turn around to get out of my subdivision.
So I took pictures of them as they left. They did not take pics of any other house and did not even slow up a little when they went by the houses that were for sale, so I do not think they were househunting.

Why would someone take pics of my house in the pouring rain and give me a dirty look? Am I being paranoid? I do not trust Paul or Kelly AT ALL. Especially after Kelly threatened me with her lawyer and Paul told me on several occasions that he thinks that the law only applies to 'stupid' people. What do you guys think?


CCH said...

report it as suspicious activity to the cops, lol. Then at least if you ever do find out that the randoms are involved in some way you have evidence.

JumpIt said...

I think you need to report it to the local police department and give them any pictures you took, especially if it clearly has the license plate in the picture.

nccatnip said...

Keep blogging any and all strange activity without pointing fingers, naming names or accusing anyone. Consider it a permanent record and time line in case you need it. Might make some nice reading for a judge if you need a restraining order.
And get tag numbers, do not be ashamed to let them see you write it down.

Queen_of_the_Serpents said...

Keep a camera handy at all times. Write down all incidents like this, and make sure you write down details (time, date, car type, license plate, descriptions of people, etc.) Also, report it to the police immediately. If it happens again, call them and tell them to get down there.

Above all, stay safe.

hoppytoad79 said...

Anything else happen since Ms. Buckteeth and Company stopped by? Definitely report all suspicious activity, take photos if you can, and keep a backup copy of both. Keep blogging. It definitely has educational value if you don't already know how to smell a rat at fifty paces, and it definitely has humor value for those of us who do. I keep reading out of the same kind of morbid curiosity that makes me want to see what the headlines are on the Enquirer and other tabloids this week--just how outrageous will the bull they expect us to believe? Last week there were photos proving Obama is gay. This week, Michelle is working on getting pregnant to distract the nation from the truth. What's next, an anonymous source leaks info that Michelle was artificially inseminated with Rev. Wright's sperm because Obama is actually repulsed by the sight of a naked woman? Will we find out in two weeks that there's proof his two daughters were also fathered by Rev. Wright? ;D The first two were actual headlines from w/in the last month. I'm a cashier at Walmart so I have ample time to see all the garbage that's not fit to print. xp I look forward to the next installment of What Part of 'No' Doesn't He Understand?