Monday, August 31, 2009

More from Kelly

Ides of March is now officially commenting at the new and improved blog. See my latest response to her.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Special Request - from Kelly

Kelly is still lurking about. She has a special request - See comment #5 July 17.

I have no clue what difference it makes, but here they are - the first page of the letter and the entire second page. Must mean something to Kelly. Maybe she just wanted proof that they were written to me from Paul.
There are a couple of sentences I marked out - they had to do with our customers and confidential problems they had with their equipment. Which also explains the text message he received from me when he landed - work related.
I believe that Pony Up is 110% correct.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Win-Win

OK - so after reading the positively pathetic comments by Kelly actually trying to defend what Paul says, I have decided to shut this blog down. You win Kelly!!! Congrats. Now go away and take care of things that should be important in your life.
What annoys me the most about the whole situation is that I used to stick up for Kelly when Paul put her down!! And this is the thanks I get. Of course, I do realize that Paul has filled her head with lies.
Here is a simple example: Paul complained that Kelly does needlepoint or cross stitch (he claimed he had no clue what it was called) and Kelly actually had the nerve to try to talk to him about that boring stuff. Paul told me he HATES that crap. Well, I certainly was taken aback. While some of my hobbies include 'manly' things like welding, furniture refinishing, and working on my truck engine, what Paul did not realize is that I too, do 'girley' stuff. I enjoy cooking (Paul claimed that Kelly totally sucks at cooking - and very rarely bothers at all - he said he does 99% of the cooking - and laundry too!!! - and he is pissed because he works and she doesn't), quilting, crocheting, knitting (European method) and needlepoint when I find the time. I told him that it was pretty shitty of him not to be supportive of his wife's hobbies just because he doesn't like them. He quickly dropped the subject. Although quilting came up about a year later.......
Since I do not like to lose - I have come up with the perfect Win-Win situation!!!

The Secret Life of Lurch
Lurch (about 30 years ago):
For those of you following the blog about Paul, I am sure you will find the new one just as informative and entertaining as this one. In fact, I am positive. Granted, it is completely made up, but might in fact have characters and situations that are quite similar actual real life situations. But any similarity is purely coincidental.

Bertha (also taken about 30 years ago - she has much shorter hair now - but still has the mustache!!):

This is the story of Lurch and Bertha and how Lurch cheats on Bertha - just like so many men do in real life!!! And it contains helpful information on how to spot those scum bags who cheat. So update your links and here we go....

If it does not work, email me at and I will send you the link - and, yeah, there is a certain irony in using that account!!! :-)
I will leave this up for awhile so that my readers can find the new blog.
And Kelly - if you do show up at the fictional blog, please remember to be polite, respect others, and use logic. Your questions might be answered - accusations or rudeness or incoherent rantings will either be ignored or deleted. Although all of your correspondence to me has been 'ugly,' you would be surprised to find that I am a nice, fair and reasonable (albeit, snarky) person - why else do you think Paul chased after me for so long????