Saturday, June 6, 2009

A New Twist

OK - so I had never intended to discuss Paul's wife, Kelly, even though she was texting me regarding this blog. I thought she was kind of a pathetic victim of Paul's sick twisted world and really, other than being married to Paul, was not part of the story of how much of a user and a POS Paul is........

Well, Kelly has decided to become part of the story by threatening me with her lawyer. So let me start with the beginning of this arc.

Note the time of the text!! The only other person to annoy me with text messages in the middle of the night was her husband, Paul. He would let me know he was missing me (yeah, right) or to tell me that he was flying out of town the next morning. Yes - it did annoy me and I DID tell Paul that I did not care where he was going and that he should be telling that crap to his wife - not me. Anyhow, I get this text from her.

My first thought was "You have got to be kidding." My second thought was "You have got to be kidding." My third thought was "You have got to be kidding." Is she crazy? Why on earth would I want to discuss anything with her?

So, I text back during normal waking hours:
"For what purpose?"
I can't imagine what the hell she would want from me - it is pretty obvious from my blog that I can't stand her husband. And I found it hard to believe that she found it 'interesting.'

The only place I would have met her would have been at the police station after they frisked her for weapons. (Paul had told me that she was prone to violence when she was angry - and I would not take a chance in case he was actually telling the truth).

IMO she was up to no good. And, just like her husband, she proved me right with her stupid, childish phone call to threaten me with her lawyer.
Next: What she claimed she wanted.


JumpIt said...

Oh noes! LOL
Love this blog; I can't wait for the next post =)

hoppytoad79 said...

This is gonna be good, I can tell. *goes to get popcorn*

Persnickety Ticker said...

The suspense is KILLING me! Can't wait for the next post!

annaliisa said...

Ohhh things are getting intresting.

Ides_Of_March said...

What I wanted to discuss with you was the removal of this blog. It is beyond decency. I am absolutely SICK over the content and tone of this blog. Who finds joy in posting things like this? Your blog is set to strike out at others, not to educate as you claim. Why not write in a diary? Why post this publicly? This whole thing is filled with partial information to hurt and show spite. What about all the e-mails and texts that you sent my husband? Yes, we have them. What "uninterested" single woman does that for months? Why do you post negative comments about me?

P_L_I_A_J said...

You guys were right!! This shit is getting interesting.

I will respond to Kelly line by line in my next post. Too funny.

"We" have the emails???? Wow - sounds like Paul and Kelly may have some sick thing going with Paul where he chases after another woman and they have some sick adventure over it!