Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Damn - lost the comments - and another lie!

Apparently there were about a dozen comments in the "comment moderation' section. Several from Kelly. A really sincere one from Amity (if you are still reading this Amity, thanks for your input, I appreciate your explanation.) I hit publish and expected them to appear in the blog - they did not. In fact, one existing comment got deleted! Anyone know how to retrieve a 'published' comment? And, yes, it did say the comment(s) was published - I did not hit delete. And why do some comments go straight to the blog and others sit in the comment moderation section? I have the box checked that all comments are posted immediately.

One of the ones I tried to post actually proved once again how Kelly lies.

It was addressed from Kelly to Mack and had something along the lines of 'she wouldn't even look me in the eye and just slunk away'.....and something about 'telling her that I was writing about her on the internet'........referring to a horse tack sale I went to where Kelly was also.

Well, this is what had Kelly texted me (right after the 'Learn more' text):

So which one is it Kelly - did I refuse to look at you or did I look you straight in the face? You can't have it both ways.

Mac - if you have Kelly's comment, I sure would appreciate you recreating it - thanks. I want to make sure my facts are straight.

So here is the situation - I went with a friend to a tack sale in March and Kelly was there. Awkward situation. What the hell did Kelly expect me to do - walk up to her and make a scene? The friend I was with went up to Kelly and talked to her - I did not. It seemed like the most prudent thing for me to do at the time. I neither slunked by nor looked her straight in the face. I glanced over at her, continued to look at the sale items and left with my friend - that is MY recollection of the event.

Does ANYBODY think it would have been appropriate for me to have approached Kelly at the tack sale?
BTW - As my friend and I were leaving the tack sale, Kelly trotted out of the building looking for me - she ran right to the truck as we were pulling away. Based on her comments it seems like Kelly wanted to make a scene.

Not the right place to ask questions, tho.
Damn right it was not the place for questions!!!!! If Kelly had truly wanted to talk to me she would have picked up the phone and called me months ago. Period.

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