Thursday, June 11, 2009

Got one!!

Thanks to the person who emailed the comment that was deleted directly from the blog (the one at 4:57 am). It turns out it was from our friend, Ides of March, and Kelly - please feel free to tell the nice folks out there if I messed up the posting.

-the ides of March is simply the 15th day of March . No more, no less. From reading your comment on that I really do see that you can only see the negative side of anything from your eyes. You are full of bitterness and hate. I am sorry that you see yourself as a vicitim.
I am praying for you.
Beware the Ides of March is from the play of Julius Caesar - my comment was not negative - just a neutral observation. This reference to 'backstabbing' is well known in literature. Paul did tell me that you do not read books, so your lack of knowledge about this is understandable.
Where do I say I was a victim? Do you really think that 'snarky commentary' is bitterness and hate?

....and for your education of others on how to avoid a married man persuing (sic) you (since this is the point of of your now edited blog)
The point of this blog (which has NEVER changed): "I had never encountered a married man who cheated before and was fascinated by the audacity of the lies he told to try to get me to have an affair with him. This blog will cover some of his bullshit. And will serve as a warning to others - what signs to look for and see if they are really serious or are just playing games." Not the same as how to avoid a married man pursuing you. You missed the point completely.

1. Do not participate. Period. Do not email. do not text. do not 'consider dating' them after they are divorced. Be strong enough to NOT engage. All marriages have problem times.
Conflicts with MY stated purpose of the blog, but works well with your version of it. Paul did not say your marriage had problems - he said it was completely and irreversibly dead - and had been for years. He said there was no hope of ever it working out ever and the only thing left to do was the paperwork.

2. Do not divorce your husband to be with someone else's and then be bitter
Strange comment, but excellent advice. I certainly agree.

3. Do not 'blog' publicly with your 'on-line diary' which just points the finger at the other person when you had a choice to not be involved. You admit to being 'curoius' about how far it would go, and then where (sic) hurt when it stopped? WTF? Talk to a girlfriend. Airing dirty laundry is nothing but hurtful. Yes-note the time of my comment (like my text)....this has me not sleeping.
WTF? is right!!!!! But to follow your theme - How does not blogging publicly stop a married man from pursuing you? Does this mean that only women who blog will have a pig chasing them? I did not blog before Paul chased me so using your logic he should not have chased me. What about before the internet existed - why did men pursue then??? So many questions.... BTW - Paul aired your dirty laundry, not me.

I find it interesting that once I did contact you about this blog that you edited it. Changing Paul Linn to Paul L. and removing your photos about your endurance ride?
???I cannot change the name of the blog. Yes, I removed two posts (only one photo) - they were not part of the blog - they were only there to let the people following the blog know that I was gone for awhile - they had served their purpose. What nefarious reason do you assign to me for removing them? and BTW - I have edited it before too!!!!! And I'll edit it again if I want to. Never to change the content - just to clarify something better.

I am sorry that you find so much pleasure hurting others.
Exactly where did I say that I found pleasure in hurting others?

Oh! and the comment about my mother? Not nice.
Wait till you hear what Paul had to say about your mother - THAT'S really not nice. I was just commenting on what he said. And I agree totally - it was awful!! And I do mean AWFUL.

Again, you are in my prayers.
People who say that 'you are in my prayers' think that they are morally superior and are quite condescending. So quit it. Pray for yourself instead. You need help way more than I do.

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