Monday, March 30, 2009

Ohio Equine Affaire

Heads up - Paul is at the Ohio Equine Affaire this week - if you are there stop by and say Hi to the jerk. Interesting to note is that he said he was not going there - especially with Kelly (it is near where Kelly's family is from - he says she is from 'the West Virginia part of Ohio') He calls her a West Virginian because he claims that she is sorely lacking in the hygiene department and is a slob.
He lies so easily - when I saw the preview on the website he denied he was going. It then showed up on HIS website - when I called him on that, he claimed that it was MY fault it was on his website. Paul actually had the nerve to tell me that he posted it on his website because I pointed out to him that it was on the Ohio Equine Affaire website!!!! Uh - Duh - wouldn't HE have to sign up for it for them to put it on their website?? I don't think they randomly put exhibitors on it without their permission/knowledge.

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Ides_Of_March said...

I think it is just plain wrong to step outside of "the facts" and add snide comments his wife. Sounds like their was much more on your side than curiousity.

Mack- no to your question. She couldn't even look me in the eye, let alone tell me she is smearing my life on the INTERNET. Slunk away from me like a dog.

Want to look me in the eye and tell me your side of things? Share your "library". Just name the place.