Thursday, March 5, 2009

The "Mansion"

I have never been to Paul's house. However, throught the miracle of the internet, you get to see all kinds of stuff. This is the 'mansion'. This is the culmination of Paul's life dreams. (Paul has a VERY well paying job I might add - He bought this in his late 30's / early 40's.)
This is what is known in real estate lingo as a 'starter home' - usually for people under the age of 25. It is approx. 1,000 sf, built in the 60's, and has few ammenities. It is also located near a rock quarry and tons of trailers. I am not picking on trailers (or starter homes) - but rather the fact that Paul talked like he is living in a place like this but the reality is so different.
The thing that bothers me the most about this is the trash at the front door, the broken window, clogged gutters and the general lack of maintenance. All those things reflect the values of the owner. How 'bout them 4 dogs? What about that fencing?
OK, enough of that. What's up with the trailer on the property?? This is where it gets interesting. One of his ex-father-in-laws lives there!!! Paul could not afford the home (around $50K about 11 years ago) and had his to have his (then) father-in-law help buy the property. What is really bizarre about the whole situation is that the ex-wife visits all the time and is trying desperately to get Paul back!! Wow - who wouldn't like THAT situation????
It gets even more bizarre - this particular ex-wife had an affair while married to Paul (there is an ongoing theme here) and got knocked up by one of the guys Paul works with. She told Paul that he was not man enough to get her pregnant and then turns around and she gets an abortion!!!! WTF??? He told me he NEVER even wanted the two kids he has; what made her think he wanted any more? She divorced him because she didn't think he was much of a man - why the hell does she want him back???? He hasn't changed one bit.
I do believe Paul when he says that this ex wants him back because she actually tried to get a job working in his department to be near him - SICK!!!
This situation is so weird - it proves the saying "Truth is stranger than fiction"


Persnickety Ticker said...

So seriously? Is this guy currently hitting on you? Or trying to "woo" you as it were?

Cuz from what I have seen so far he seems to just be certifiable.

Oh and that ranch you linked to? I don't know the first thing about horses, and even I want to live there.

paul_linn_is_a_jerk said...

Not currently. This blog is just what he did. I got so tired of listening to his excuses - I have never encountered a weaker speciman of a man in my life.

I want that ranch too!!! Just in a warmer climate. LOL

Emily said...

Reading this blog is my daily dose of soap opera. I love it! And in my own state as well.
PS: That ranch seems like a steal at 2.5mil.