Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy New Year

It is January 1 in the afternoon. I finally look at my cell phone (I had it on 'silent') and see that I have a new message. Who could that be?

At EXACTLY midnight, I got a message from Paul!!! "Happy New Year" A simple one to be sure, but a message nonetheless. Actually, I think the real message was the fact that he sent it to me at the stroke of midnight and I was supposed to think that he was all alone thinking about me. What a crock of SHIT!.
Now that the holidays were over, he could start his pursuit again. And boy did he start.

I had heard horror stories about married men chasing after a POA, but this was INSANE.


x-penny-x said...

I have a genuine question. He seems like he was pretty persistent. Did you give him any encouragement? Like, did you have any feelings for him? Did you guys flirt, or sleep together, or act like you were dating or anything? I'm just confused, cos it sounds like he pursued you without any encouragement from you? I'm not judging, I'm just trying to understand the story better :)

hoppytoad79 said...

*rolls eyes* People may wonder how Paul thought no one could see through his crap, but I've found that the stupid seem totally unable to comprehend the existence of higher intellectual planes than they are on. They might acknowledge them in theory, but in the day-to-day they seem to think that you operate at roughly the same level they do. When someone is stupid *and* cocky, like Paul is, they not only cannot comprehend others truly do find what's challenging for them to be simple (or that others can see right through what fools them), they think they're flippin' brilliant. Give me the merely stupid any day of the week.

P_L_I_A_J said...

Paul is a very strange and sick man. I was under the mistaken idea we were friends and he thought he could take advantage of me when he found out that I was separated and getting a divorce. I had known him for quite awhile and he pretended to have common interests (i.e. - we read the same books, watched the same TV show, liked the same foods, had the same traditions etc. etc.; he even claimed he had the same dentist AND Dr. that I had - I guess to make me think we had so much in common and we would make such a great 'couple'. BTW - he claimed that he and Kelly had NOTHING in common except that they both liked horses, but even in that he said her horse interests were different than his and he hated what she did with horses!!! What a liar!

I did not flirt with him (I would be considered a 'nerdy engineer'). He flirts with EVERY female in a 100 mile radius. One of his co-workers told me that if Paul ever showed up at his house he would lock his female dog away because he would be afraid that Paul would try to take advantage of it!!!

I NEVER encouraged him - I mainly kept telling him to divorce Kelly - like he adamently claimed he was going to do - and then I would consider going on a date and see where things might go from there.

Actually, there was one strange text message I got from him.... I will post it next.

P_L_I_A_J said...

hoppytoad79 - you hit the nail on the head. Paul thinks that everyone is stupid and that he is truly brilliant!!! It really pisses me off that he thought I was that stupid - or maybe he thought I was desperate - after all, a woman 'needs' a man to be complete!!! He truly is a neanderthal -both in looks and temperment - LOL

x-penny-x said...

Thanks for replying, that makes things a bit clearer :)

He really sounds like a very strange and confused little man. I can't help but feel sorry for people like him, they're doomed to sad, pathetic existences.

Looking forward to hearing more of the story!