Tuesday, February 24, 2009

#4 Clue - EVERYONE hates Kelly Part 3

OK, so after he tells me how all three generations of his family can't stand Kelly, what does he revert to??? The usual.
"...I didn't have to sleep on the couch anymore as she would find somewhere else to sleep."
What a bunch of horseshit!!! "The man doth protest too much, methinks". - (Hamlet - Act III, Scene II - modified from 'lady' to 'man'). I would have to be a complete idiot to believe him. When I asked him why he told me this, he said that it was important for him to tell me so I would understand that his marriage to Kelly was completely over and that he really wanted to have a life with me. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah (I assumed they were both sleeping on the couch!! Maybe the kitchen counter was next? LOL)

What he really means: I'm getting desperate here to convince you - I'm starting to pull stuff out of my ass. I still fuck Kelly on a regular basis but I want some action on the side because I am bored with her.
If he really meant it he would have said: I have moved out.


JumpIt said...

What a creep!!

hoppytoad79 said...

What a winner. [/dripping sarcasm] Found this blog through the link you left in a PLFM comment. All this makes excellent reference material for the novel I'm working on.

His ego is huge indeed, to keep piling on the bullshit after you've made it clear he's not getting into (or you out of) your pants. I've dealt with guys who do not understand 'no' and all I have to say is they have no one but themselves to blame for the fact this cat was forced to use her claws. Sometimes, the whole 'never having to deal with men' part of being a nun really appeals.

paul_linn_is_a_jerk said...


Happy to help with the novel. This guy gets worse - much worse. He is quite desperate to convince me that he is leaving his wife and wants to 'hold' onto me at the same time.